I just had an anxiety attack.

Like 30 minutes ago.

Let’s talk about what that looks like.

Heather and I had been out estate sale shopping.

We had just finished an amazing, romance filled breakfast in East Nashville.

We were driving west on The 40 (I do this to piss off southerners. Cause you know in LA we place THE in front of all our freeways) when I suddenly got really light headed.

My eyes suddenly felt like they were in the back of my head as opposed to the front.

My heart started racing and my arms got numb.

Now normally I’m not driving when these things pop up but I literally just whispered softly to myself…

“You aren’t going to pass out. You aren’t going to die. Just get home”

When we pulled into our neighborhood the worst was over.

I quickly mentioned to Heather that I just had some bad anxiety and she said something to the effect of…”Sweet.  Let’s go make out so you forget all about it”

You see it’s normal for us.

It used to be paralyzing for us.

Sometimes, when they come on hard and ferociously, they still are paralyzing for a few days.

And this one, when it began, felt like it was gonna be one of those.

As I type this my hands are still shaking, my head still isn’t completely centered, and my heart is still palpitating.

But you know what I know?

I’m gonna be ok.

And so are you.

No matter what gets thrown your way today.

So now turn off your phone or laptop and go have the best day you can.

I am.

It’s better that way.


I share these moments so those of you who don’t know what it’s like to suffer with this thorn can understand, and so those who do suffer with this thorn will know you are not alone…