[Pope loves my book. That’s all that matters. Repeat.]

I’m 31 days away from the launch of my first book. [It’s on presale for $3.99 by the way. ┬áSkip the latte and feed my kids of you feel so obliged…] I’ve decided to document for you guys the emotional roller coaster that I’m on because so far…it’s been a WILD ride.
And let me also get something else out of the way.
You guys, the ragamuffinsoul.com readers…
The team at Zondervan took one look at this community and was sold.
Not because of stats per se, but because of what has transpired on these pages over the last 8 years.
So thank you.
Of course I also thanked you guys in the book.
You guys are my family.

So… here I sit.
The book is finished and is being printed.
No more editing.
No more changes.
Funny thing bout that is most days, when I write this blog, one, two, maybe even ten of you email or tweet me telling me that I’ve screwed something up. So I’ll go back and change that.
So let’s make a deal.
If you find any blinding mistakes, mail me your copy and I’ll scratch it out and write over the top of it. Cool.

So today, being the last day of February, it really hits home.
Up until now I could always say that the book would come out in a few months.
Now I get to start counting days.
Anyways. I’m mortified.
I’ve released 2 records in my life on major record labels.
Music is always what had paid the bills.
So I had a bit more of a strut while releasing those records.
Also, there are producers, co-writers, drummers, bass players, guitar players, ect.
A book?
Unless you have a ghost writer, which I didn’t…
It’s you.
It’s that nightmare of you standing in a room naked while everybody else is clothed.
Writing here on Ragamuffinsoul.com for the last 8 years hass been the safest place I’ve ever written.
Safety is gone and I ask you guys to grab my hand like maybe I did with this guy a year ago…
So as this blog maybe turns into some emo journal the next 31 days…I hope you enjoy and will join with me in what I hope will not only be a book, but a movement that helps people live life and not let life live them…

Love you guys… I’m gonna go streak across this field called life now…