I’m at my gate at the airport in Orange County.
I get called to said gate counter at airport in Orange County.
I give gate agent my name at said gate at airport in Orange County.
Man leaning against counter at said gate at airport in Orange County snaps at me…”UM. DON’T CUT IN FRONT OF ME @$$****”.
I snap back at man leaning against counter art said gate at airport in Orange County…”I didn’t see you man. Call me that again and see what happens…”

Insert break here…
1. “See what happens?” Seriously? Who am I Chuck Norris?
2. Jesus Christ was obviously ALL OVER ME, er, I mean, I think I left Him at my hotel this morning.

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“@$$****!!!” he continued with every intention to see what I was going to do.
Deep breath…Walk Away…Board Plane… At Least I Got Upgraded.

I see him as he passes my seat on the plane.
We both avoid eye contact as we both obviously realize how quickly we both reverted back to 4th grade.
Let’s just get this flight home. I’m obviously in need of home.

DING…”Would Mr. [Insert Name Here] please come up to seat 1A. You have received a complimentary upgrade.”

It didn’t take being a prophet to know what was about to happen as I sat alone in seat 1B.
You got it.
Guess who’s was my flight buddy?

Before I could offer my apologies he beat me to it.
“Sorry man.” he said.
“Yea me too.” I replied.

Please don’t ask me what I do. Please don’t ask me what I do.

15 minutes later, he is now sitting next to me… reading my book… after asking if I had a copy… after asking what I do.

You never have an excuse to not show love. Ever.
Here’s to the longest 3 hours of my young author career…