Well Ragamuffinsoul.com.  The day is finally here.

The day that YOU helped me build.

Without you guys this would not have happened and so I say thanks again.  It’s time to flex.

I’m not daydreaming about  best seller lists.  But I am day dreaming about people that stop existing and begin THRIVING.
That is what this is all about.
You guys helping others become MOMENT MAKERS.
And you can.
Today…I would LOVE for you to do something for me.
Well actually Some THINGS
1. Would you please think about buying my book from a book store in your area or from an online outlett like Amazon or Barnes and Noble? THEN WRITE A REVIEW ON THOSE SITES!!! Super Important Por Favor!!!

2.  If and when you do get it…Electronic copy or physical copy… Take a picture of you WITH your Physical Copy Or Electronic Copy and tag it #MomentMaker and instagram or tweet that mug for the world to see!!!

3.  This one is gonna be good.  I wanna make a music video of YOU DANCING WITH MOMENT MAKER!!!  So when you get it, do this for me… set your phone up and record a 10 second clip of you dancing while holding the book.  It doesn’t have to be to music.  I’ll put the music on there.  When you do it, upload it somewhere and send me the link.  OR email the clip directly to loswhit@gmail.com OK?!!!  I promise it is gonna be epic!!!

Well guys.  Thanks for supporting the dream.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Let’s show the world that averagely awesome joe’s like us can change the world, one moment at a time…