I don’t know a better place to say all this than here.
Where it all began.
Listen. As of this morning…7 Days later… We are sitting at #2,464 in Books on Amazon.com.
And we are still in all the best seller categories the book lives in on Amazon.
To let you know how amazing this is…
There has been ZERO drop off in a week of sales and this tells me one thing.
People like the book.
And it is like a shot of air straight into a drowning man’s lungs.
I’m hearing stories on how this book is spreading like wildfire and I can’t begin to tell you enough.
Thank You.
This book started here.
Some of the stories in the book you got got a 3 paragraph peek into before I turned those stories into 12 pages.
Thank You.
Last week was incredible.
I also got to share the Moment Maker story on the stage at Catalyst West.

[Photo Cred: Ryan Longnecker]

If you have ever cut a 30 minute message into 10 minutes, well, it was a FAST talk but I believe a powerful one none the less.
Much love to my Catalyst Family for the opportunity.
Thanks guys for continuing to support the dream.