Here is my summer.

June 29 :: Providence Church – Albany, GA #MomentMaker
July 2 :: 100 Huntley St. – Toronto, Canada #MomentMaker
July 6 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV
July 13 :: Seymour First – Seymour, IN #MomentMaker
July 20 :: Highland, VA
July 23-24 :: Provost, UT
August 9 :: Melbourne, FL
August 10 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV
August 17 :: Butte, MT
August 22-23 :: Overflow Conference – Houston, TX
August 28-29 :: Yellow Conference – Los Angeles, CA

I’m looking forward to all the friends I’ll make AND my week off in Hawaii.  But Fall IS COMING and already booking up.

It’s time to book the fall.  This is how I do it.  On my blog.  Not through a booking agency.  
So since I simply blog about it… I NEED YOUR HELP FILLING MY DATES!
Spread the word. Tell your pastors and worship leaders and conference directors.  And help me feed my babies…
Leading Worship OR Speaking OR Leading Worship AND Speaking.
I’ll play both sides of the ball. 🙂

1.  Moment Maker – Learning to live an intentional life by studying the ultimate Moment Maker, Jesus.

2.  Worship Leading –

Worship Leading is the high energy, non emo version. I’ve got great friends that do the low key thing. That’s not me. You want to get your blood pumping? Call me. 🙂


Talk to me Ragamuffins.
Feedin My Babies While Singin To Yours…