Last night I posted a picture online where I had changed my boarding pass number from 5 to 1 with an iPhone editing app.
The horror.
I thought it was funny so I posted it.

Many on my Facebook feed pointed out I was a “douchebag”.
One questioned since I can’t “lay down my bag then I can’t lay down my life”.
Another pointed out that we, as Christians, are supposed to point out each others sins.
Yet another told me to “Get over myself”

All of these comments, and more, I expected.
I did something wrong and many Christians disagreed with, so I got their opinion.  I posted it online, asking for it right?

I replied sarcastically to a few… hoping to lighten the mood… which I was wrong about.
Lesson learned.

So here I sit. Still not feeling horrible, only a tad bad, about changing my boarding pass from 5 to 1.

But you know what I DO feel horribly about?
One comment.
One comment from my future sister in law who I have relationship with and who is seeking to find a relationship with Christ in a full way.
This was her comment…
“I love Jesus. I hate Christians. You guys are exhausting. Enjoy your life, Los. I know you’re used to this stuff by now but ugh,”
To which I replied…
“Sorry you had to see this…”
And I truly am.
2 people privately messaged me telling me they were disappointed. Guess what? I replied and we had a fantastic conversation.

Listen. I changed my boarding pass from zone 5 to 1.
It was wrong.
I posted it…you have the right to disagree.
But here is where we need to learn a lesson.

In a conversation with my friend Lysa Terkeurst a few months back about online disagreements we talked about this…
As far as we can tell, Jesus only personally rebuked 3 people in his ministry.
Peter, James, and John.
It was the 3 people who He had the most relational collateral with.

I don’t think that you and I were meant to agree with everything. We weren’t cut in a cookie cutter way.
But, I think if we are going to say some of the hard things to each other, we need to have some of the relationship collateral that we find Jesus had.
And that doesn’t mean that we follow each other online and determine who each other are online.
It means we sit down, we break bread, we drink wine, and there IS a sense of love between us.

There is a story in scripture where Jethro and Moses have a hard conversation.
Jethro, Moses father in law, had some hard things to say to Moses.
It says in scripture that Moses told his father in law Jethro EVERYTHING that had happened with Pharaoh.
Now let’s think about what EVERYTHING means…
That would be a lot of food and wine. That would be a long conversation in and of itself…
And by the time Jethro said the hard things to Moses…
Moses TRUSTED Jethro.
And Moses listened.

Years ago when I left my wife and kids to pursue a relationship outside of my marriage, those I had relationship with, those who I had relational collateral with, those are the ones who led me back to Jesus and to a place of restoration.
It wasn’t the people who I had not had a conversation with in years and yet were the loudest yelling at me what I needed to do.

With the way Jesus has set up Christianity today… relationship HAS to come first. Love HAS to come first.
Here are a few questions to consider before launching into an online disagreement…

1. How often have you prayed for that person before you engage them online?
2. How much relationship collateral have you placed with that person?
3. When you stand before God one day, will you desire to err on the side of loving too much or judging too much?

Thanks for listening.
Disagreeing is ok. Telling each other we disagree is ok.
But let’s gather round a table, drink some wine and break some bread, and do it in relational love.

And I’m SURE you will find some err in my biblical basis ect.  If you do, tell me in the comments, but please call me a douche bag in private.
It’s better that way.