1. Don’t have kids.
2. Don’t have kids.
3. Don’t have kids.
4. Don’t have kids.
5. Don’t have kids.

I’m sure there is great parenting advice out there on how to keep your kids out of gangs and stuff.
But all I know is my parents were close to the perfect parents and I ended up in jail, almost not graduating high school, and a HOT MESS.

I remember waking up every morning and seeing my dad on his knees down the hall praying for our little family.
Sometimes those prayers take longer to pull off than others.
But that is one thing I know we can all do and will work.
While your kids are home or after they are gone.

Read your books.
Homeschool them.
Public School them.
Karate and Gymnastics them.
But at the end of the day…
They are not you and you are not in control.
God is.
So instead of trying to stay in control…
Pray to the one who actually is.

It’s better that way…