I’m a really bad hunter.  Like horrible.  I’ve been hunting for 2 years now and have killed absolutely nothing.

You know what that makes me? A really bad hunter.

Once I had 4 deer under my tree stand and I didn’t shoot them.  Why?  Because I heard “The Big One” at the top of the ridge.

Dreamers shouldn’t be hunters.

I mean lets be honest.  I can’t even sit at the same spot in a coffee shop longer than 25 minutes without needing to move.

But you know who thinks I’m an amazing hunter?  Losiah does.

Why does he think I’m an amazing hunter?
That’s it.
That’s the only reason why.

Saturday I told him we were going to go dove hunting on Sunday morning and he ended up laying his borrowed camo out straight up LEFT BEHIND STYLE on the floor of his bedroom. He was ready!
Me on the other hand…
I was in bed watching YouTube videos on how to dove hunt while simultaneous researching where we could legally go try and kill something without getting arrested.

We spent the next morning and evening sitting in a field talking about…
How many shotgun shells it would take to bring down a dinosaur.
How far his BB Gun could fire if he were in space.
If a bear attacked us, which one of us he would eat first because they looked more delicious.
Why doves hate us and do not want to be our dinner.

We laughed. A lot.
We suddenly got quiet cause we swore 1400 doves were about to land in our field. A lot.
We ate lots of candy and stared at God’s beauty in silence. A lot.

So at the end of the day, I’m a really bad hunter.
But I’m also the greatest hunter on the planet.
Cause he told me so…

It’s better that way…