It is a drug.
It actually is.
That Judgement Crack.
It LITERALLY gives us a high.
“That church’s pastor has an entourage. I’d NEVER have an entourage.”
“That church meets in homes? How could they possibly EVER reach enough people for Christ in homes?”
“Sure they put out a new worship record every year. But let’s be honest, only like 1 of the songs are worth singing.”
“Oh. That church? That’s basically a club with a cross. You go there to hookup.”
“Our pastor doesn’t believe in the video campus model. We have ACTUAL teachers at every campus. It’s much more sustainable this way.”
“Their worship is sooooo dead. Nobody even sings. Our worship is SO SPIRIT FILLED. Like totally spontaneous.”

You see here’s the problem.
Everything mentioned above rattles around our brains and out our pie holes every so often. I mean I have some friends who’s JOB it is to actually write about these things on daily basis.
They are basically Judgement Crack Dealers.
And when you click their links and read their posts you are an addict.

I used to be a dealer. My blog was filled with judgmental posts.
If you search deep enough you can find them.
But then I realized that nobody has ever changed someone’s viewpoint in the comment section of a blog.
Opinions are fine.
I love writing about things that create conversations.
But I’ve decided to stop dealing drugs.
We all accidentally get a contact high every so often.
But let’s all enter into rehab and realize this…

Christ WANTS you to love Him and show people His love.
If you do that with snakes, hippie worship circles, haze, or freaking entourages…
Do it and do it well…
But stop taking hits on that Judgement Crack.
Even if you say you don’t inhale…
It’s better that way.

[I’m judging judgers.  I’ll go ahead and add that comment so that guy doesn’t have to. 😉 ]