So listen. This wasn’t even a story worth reporting. I mean busses break, accidents happen, people are stuck on planes for hours, and there is not even a blip on the news radar.
Because there is no STORY.
A story isn’t information.
A story has a heart beat.
People always ask me how I’m so lucky.
How I get to have breakfast with the president, win a Peoples Choice Award, have videos go viral, have celebrities retweet my thoughts, or have such an amazing story filled life…
You must breathe YOU into IT.
When you become the lead character in a story it becomes more epic.
Everyone else on the tram was in the story.
They were tweeting…intagramming…facebooking…
And that is fine…
But when you or your brand want to BE the story…
You do 3 things…
1. Make it epic.
2. Have fun.
3. Give back.
The news chose this becasue of those three things.
IF I posted a video and was that pissed off passenger, it would not have been engaging.
But I took the role of filming the entire thing (Epic)…

Laughed it off (Fun)…

Gave back… (Apply it to everyones life at the end of my tweets)

My little moment in life became news worthy.
Because I’m happening to life as opposed to life happening to me.
It’s better that way…