I hear it all the time…

“The biggest issue the church is facing is addressing the issue of homosexuality.”

Excuse me if I rant for a moment…

How is this the biggest issue the church is facing?

Cause there are sitcoms with gay characters?

Cause there are more “out” people in your congregations?

Ring Ring Ring…  Clue Phone…

Y’all have just as many gay deacons in your church as Billy Graham had at First Baptist Church in Western Springs, Illinois.

They were there.  They are there. They will be there.

When I look at the biggest issue the church is facing I don’t see addressing the issue of homosexuality as the biggest issue.  I don’t even see it as a top 10 issue.

For every time the church creates an “issue”… we take our focus off of Jesus.

And when our focus is off of Jesus we trip, fall, and sink.

My kids need to know one thing.

That Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  They need to know that He will be there for them in times of deep need.  They need to know that if they love their enemy as they love themselves… they will be more like Jesus.  They need to know how deep the love of Christ is.  They need to know that the God who makes the earth spin and float… He actually cares about every single moment they walk this earth.

Showing people the face of Jesus.

This my friends is the biggest issue the church is facing and will always face.

Take your eyes off of the gospel…replace it with an issue… and people stop seeing Jesus and start seeing agendas.

Preach the gospel and whatever your concern about issue A…B…C…or D… they will pale in comparison to the explosion of life that will invade your local congregation…

I wrote this on my iPhone so forgive my mizspellingzzz.

Love you all.

It’s better that way…