A few thoughts from my plane about my blog.

So who knew?

Who knew that after 9 years of blogging I would feel like I have nothing to say.

It’s funny.  Most people that I meet say things like…”I love your blog.”

But when I haven’t really used this space in so long I think maybe they love something that I used to be.

But the truth is that this space is still important to me.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve also grown into learning that not speaking is sometimes louder than speaking itself.

I’m in this new season where I’m primarily an author and a speaker.

With that I use more words than I have ever used in my life.

So I think that is why this space is so silent in these days.

Which is ok.

This is just me telling you guys that I haven’t forgotten.  That I visit here daily.  Sometimes just watching the curser blink for 5 minutes and then leaving again.

Nothing really wanting to spill out onto these pixels.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t again.

Many of you reading this have been reading since 2005.  You have watched my kids grow up and it’s almost as if we have been next door neighbors for a long time.

And then you have wondered why Carlos hasn’t come out of his house in a long time.

Well its because sometimes God gives us seasons.

And the twice a day posting was a season.

But alas I’m feeling a stirring again.

A stirring for more words than can fit in a tweet and less words than can fit in a book.

And so this space will breathe again soon.

In the meantime…

Love you guys.