My Fall was one for the ages…
It was a fall in which I made a purposeful switch to trying to fill my calendar dates with 75% speaking and 25% leading worship.
“Carlos? Why in the world would you do that? You lead worship at some of the largest churches in the world? That’s just plain dumb man.”
No. That is not anything anyone in particular said to me.

Because in order to continue to develop at this thing called life… We must take risks.
And as much as I love leading worship… As much as I feel like I have so much to offer in teaching and developing congregations to worship through music… God has gifted me with the ability to communicate to the same room of people by the teaching of His word and I have been ignoring that gifting for far too long.
So… I took a risk… I jumped…
And I was caught by this amazing community based out of Ragamuffin Soul with some of the most amazing opportunities to speak on topics near and dear to my heart.
The opportunities to preach were endless and amazing.

Michael W. Smith tour on behalf of Compassion International.
Northside Christian Church :: Louisville KY
Awaken Church :: Clarksville, TN
Catalyst Conference :: Atlanta GA
Embrace Church :: Sioux Church SD
CrossTimbers Church :: Dallas TX
Fresh Life Church :: ALL OVER MONTANA
Storyline Conference :: Willow Creek Church :: Chicago IL
Providence Church :: Albany GA

This next year I’m scheduled to speak at some of my favorite families as well.
Like my own people at Crosspoint in Nashville TN and my buddy Mark Batterson’s National Community Church in DC. Lot’s of churches are doing Moment Maker series and I’m coming in to open or close many of those series as well.
It’s shaping up to be a great 2015 and it’s already booking up.

But it’s time to do a strong 2015 push.
This is how I do it.
On my blog.
Not through a booking agency.

So since I simply blog about it… I NEED YOUR HELP FILLING MY DATES!
Spread the word. Tell your pastors and conference directors.
And help me feed my babies…
While I help feed yours. Well maybe not the babies…
More like the adults and stuff.

Here are a couple of versions of my Moment Maker talk where we disuss how to live like Jesus by creating, receiving, and rescuing moments. The first is the long version and the second is the short version. These are both from the past month.  Fresh Life Church and Embrace Church.

Moment Maker :: Carlos Whittaker :: Arrows (Pt. 6) from fresh life church on Vimeo.

Special Guest: Carlos Whittaker from Embrace Church on Vimeo.

And then a fancy speaking reel…


So don’t be scared to email!
I love my friends with megachurches as well as my friends with minichurches.
I love my friends with 12k person conferences and my friends with 100 person conferences.
Talk to me Ragamuffins.
Feedin My Babies While Preaching To Yours…
Thanks for letting me trust you guys to this instead of a booking company.

PS.  I AM still taking some worship leading dates.  Not many. But a few.  So if you are interested in having me some minister through leading worship shout at us as well!!!