“This isn’t what I dreamed of.
Why is this happening like this?
Why did you pick me God?
And if you picked me, why am I laying on a floor behind the hotel surrounded by animal urine and feces?
If you truly did choose me, and call me blessed, then why am I homeless and cold right now?
I don’t want your blessing God.
I’m sick of telling people I’m blessed by you yet they see me as cursed…”
– Mary, mother of Jesus

So maybe Mary didn’t think that exactly. But I like to think she was human enough to have.
How many times have you felt this way?
The way Mary felt on the evening before she gave birth to the most important figure in history?
I don’t know how recently you felt this way but I can assure you this…
If you just continue to walk. If you simply continue to face tomorrow, the essence of your destiny will begin to unravel.

Plenty of people are surrounded by riches and golden spoons today.
And that is great.
But if you find yourself surrounded by stress, crap, and doubt…
That just means you are set up to change the course of history.
Press on friends.
Merry Christmas.