So I wrote this prayer… I prayed this prayer…And everything changed.

It’s dangerous…But necessary…

Pray it loud…

Cut our hearts in half.
Take the half that may belong to You and hold it, massage it it, redeem it, revive it.
Take the half that belongs to us and destroy it, crush it, break it, defeat it.
Fear is not the enemy.
Fear is a facade that lies within the half of our hearts that belongs to us.
Crush it.
Death is not the enemy.
Death is victory.
Weeping may stay for the night…
But joy comes in the morning.
We have barely touched the redemptive nature of Your fullness.
And with the cleansing we feel from that touch we are fooled into believing that is all we get.
Show us that we not only get washed by a touch of you…
Show us how pressing against You will cause a refreshing like none we have ever seen.
A river that will rush over us that will not only bathe us, but will carry us away.
Carry us back to the place of needing people to follow You more than we need them to follow us.
And in that, may revival be brought back to our churches.
Send missionaries from all over this world to America to shake our churches and reach us once again for the name of Jesus alone and not our own, our church, or our movements.
Save us Lord from our systems and strategies.
Save us from our projects.
Save us from ourselves.
Revive us again with a new breath.
Your breath.
Not ours.
May we feel our lungs filling with Your breath alone.
And expand our lungs to prepare for a louder song than they have ever sung before.
Your song.
Our song.