So we moved. After almost 4 years in our yellow walled condo… my wife finally got a house with white walls.

She wants me to let it be known that she has only been home for 2 weeks and that this is Phase 1.

And I want you to know that she unpacked 15 years of marriage and made my house a home in 2 weeks.

She is amazing…

So when you walk in the front door you find this HEAVY barn door.  When Heather’s parents moved from the burbs in Fresno to a ranch in Prather… this was the first thing that Heather stole right from under their nose…

Did I mention how heavy this is?  Many toddlers have almost been killed by this apparatus.

The staircase you see leads upstairs to the kids room.  You ain’t seein that today… Cause its a hot mess.

Heading straight ahead is the hallway that holds the 2 downstairs bedrooms (one is my office with a day bed for guests) and the restroom is at the end of the hallway.

If we ever need some old ladders to maybe climb and stuff… well looky there.  We got some.

First door on the right is our LOVE makin room.

My favorite pieces in this room are that KILLER 70’s floor to cieling lamp.  Followed by the barn door in the corner that was conned from the Amish man my wife is secretly in love with.  Danny.  Heather showed a little leg and the door was hers.

Head back out into the hallway and you run into our picture holder.  Or rusty bed spring.


Heather hung a mirror on top of the mirror that was there.  We lost cabinet space but gained a killer mirror.

To the right of the bathroom is the office.  I’ll let you see that when we finish.

Take a right out of the bathroom and head into the first of 3 sitting rooms.

The W. The Pepsi machine.  The file cabinet on it’s side.  The Pope St. sign…  The doors.  Everything about this room makes it my fav…

Turn left into the family room.  This is where Heather works some more wall magic…

I love the vintage and MASSIVE map of Nashville Heather found at a garage sale and threw on the wall.

And then her wall crate game was strong as well…

Head back out to our TEENY TINY LITTLE KITCHEN.

You keep walking through the kitchen and head into the dining room / sitting room.  Love this room.  Lots of natural light and I love the low ceilings that angle down by the lockers…

So yea.  Basically this is me bragging about my wife.  She is uber talented and she makes any space feel like home.  I’ll be showing you guys the upstairs, guest room, and backyard next week!!!

It’s the perfect size for us. 1700 square feet of cozy comfort.

Thanks for stopping by!!!