So my friend Ally has perfected the journey of becoming an author.
Big claim?
But true?
May I introduce the readers of this blog to AUTHOR LAUNCH.
A brand new course by my great friend Allison Vesterfelt.

You Can Find Out More About It And REGISTER HERE…

The thing I love about about Author Launch is that Allison has taken a complex formula, and made is easily accessible for normal people like you and I.

You will get some of the nitty gritty tips on my creative process as I write and also get to hear from some of my great author friends like Donald Miller, Jon Acuff, and many more!

Below is an example from my session with Allison…

Semester 2, Chapter 8: Be Willing To Experiement from Author Launch on Vimeo.

So there you have it. Yes I was a part of it. Because yes I believe in it.
This could be the thing that gets you from dreaming…to doing.
Register Here…