For as long as I have been a part of the evangelical “megachurch” the looming question has always been…

“What happens when Alpha Mega Personality Pastor X dies or retires?”

That one question has caused people to question the validity of having a megachurch altogether.

Which I feel is honestly a bit silly.

I’ve seen the megachurch lead millions to Jesus and change lives on a weekly basis.

The question does not need to be whether or not the megachurch is effective…

I believe the question needs to be…

Can we let our church die?

Maybe it splinters off and becomes something new?

Maybe it just shrinks from mega to mini?

Or maybe another big personality takes over?

I don’t think any of these things are bad.

Why must they be bad?

My friend Shawn once wrote this to me…

I think one idea that needs to be rethought is, “Is it okay for a church to die”. I think it might be. So Pastor X has a run of ministry, that because of his alpha personality (or his metrosexual for that matter) is able to see tremendous favor, life-change and salvations for 25 years. In our society we see it as a complete failure is the local church that he leads has a restart or even dies. We don’t expect this for brands, bands or businesses, we are okay with them having a season and then something new, a “new thing” coming along. So what if we switched the measurement a little not to, “will this last past me” to more, “how can God use me up while I am in this season in this place” and then championed new things when they come…just a thought

And one last thought from me…

It’s not just megachurches that have alpa mega personality pastors.

Little ones have them too.

A penny for your thoughts…

Is letting a church die a bad thing?