This morning I was on my way out the door and I asked Losiah if he had seen my Paxil. He found it under the coffee table and brought it to me.

“Daddy.  So do you think I’ll have to swallow that pill when I grow up?” Losiah asked.

“I don’t know buddy.  I hope not.  But you know why daddy takes this pill right?” I replied.

“Yup. Because sometimes you get too nervous.”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it buddy. But just because you get too nervous doesn’t mean you will have to take this pill. Some people stop being nervous after a few minutes. For daddy, sometimes he stays nervous for days and weeks. But this pill helps me not be nervous that long.”

“Daddy? You know what I do when I get nervous? I play legos. Wanna see if it works for you?”

So we played legos for 3 minutes… then I went to finish manscaping my beard before I headed out the door.

5 minutes later I went to the door to grab my backpack…

Lord.  Have.  Mercy.

Who can you give a lego piece to today?

It’s better that way.