People try so hard to build a platform.
They network and network until they have met all the people with “platforms”.
At this point they begin to build replicas of the platforms already built.
And the people with platforms watch with bewilderment at this new wave of platform builders, who have basically gone into the platform construction business thinking this will somehow make them valuable.
The problem is that when the platform builder finally builds his platform, he or she has spent so much energy building it that there is nothing to place on it.

Nobody wants to see a stage.
They want to see the movement that is on the stage.
Alas this thing called social media has some confused.
If you build a movement, art, or expression that is necessary to our culture, then the culture will build the platform for you.
So stop trying to build a platform and instead build what God has placed deep within the alleyways of your heart.

The platform will rise to meet you when the movement inside of you is ready to be seen.