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It’s so hard to explain.
Because it’s never the same.
Lately I explain it as this…
You know when you are freezing cold, and you can’t help but shiver.
It’s like that.  Except you look at your arms and you aren’t shivering.
It’s like your insides are shivering.

Living with anxiety is a bitch.  Quite literally.
I mean, most of my income comes from standing and singing/speaking to lot’s of people.
It is the thorn in my flesh that rears her ugly head at the most inopportune times.
The second point of my message this past Sunday…
Driving to Atlanta passing Chattanooga on my left…
Laying in bed in the middle of the night…
In the middle of an UNO game with the kids.

You see anxiety knows no location, no situation, no race, no sex, no age.
You can’t always pray it away, medicate it away, or drink it away.
What you can do is to tell it that no matter when it decides to show it’s ugly face, it won’t have you.
It won’t take you away from enjoying the calling God has placed in your life.
It won’t take you away from enjoying the amazing family God has placed in your life.
It won’t take you away from kicking your 7 year olds butt in UNO for the 45th time in a row.
It won’t have me.

We are broken.
We won’t ever be fixed until this life is done.
So we should choose what to give power to.
And as I type this with my fingers shaking over my keyboard…
I choose to give power to you and keep typing.
Because as easy as it would be to stop…
Easy is never better.

Take courage today ragamuffins.
Whatever your thorn…
Be Brave.