It’s all the rage.

It’s in every other tweet I read.

And every time I read one, I feel SO FREAKING LAZY.

Cause those people tweeting and instagramming about their hustle NEVER TWEET about taking a nap.

And I need naps.

I need to do nothing.  Lot’s of nothing lots of times.

I need to veg.

At the end of my hustling days, and I have many of them, I need to realize that hustle is but one aspect of living a healthy life.

I’m ALL for working hard and hustling.  I watched my dad work hardr than anyone around him while we were growing up as the only non white family in the neighborhood.

And although some of the hard work was to provide, I’m sure much of it was to prove.

And here we land at the thin line.

The thin line between hustling to provide and hustling to prove.

Step over that thin line and you become God.

Step over that line and you become a diety that is somehow in control.

Becasue the truth of the matter is that we are not.

We are not in control and our hustle is only a facade of control.

We will all learn that one day.

That no amount of hustle will bring you satisfaction or success.


So I guess at the end of this little rant let me say this.

Work hard.  Work VERY hard to provide for your family.

But don’t try and convince yourself that your hard work makes you any more in control of your life than you actually are.

Cause you aren’t.

And no amount of hustle will bring you that control or bring you the joy you are so desperately searching for.

If anything, my generation needs to learn to hustle in our prayer life.  To hustle to get to know the God that is actually in control of everything in our lives.

When we figure that out, the anxiety drops and the breathing begins.

Hustle.  But don’t het a spiritual hernia doing it.