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I used to be a shock jock blogger.

Well, actually, I used to be a blogger.

Man this space was hoppin.

But that’s for another post.

Anyways, I used to be a doomsday church blogger.  Predicting the impending death of Christendom in America.

“The muslim church is exploding! The Christian church is withering away!”

And then I remember my 68 year old dad calling me one day after I wrote a post called “The mega church is growing, thats cute, cause the church at large is shrinking”.

I saw his name on my phone. It was about 45 seconds after I hit publish.  At least my dad reads my blog.

“Hey pops.”

“Carlitos. I want to send you an article I read in 1962. But first let me read it to you.”

He went on to read an article written by a 20something year old classmate of his titled…”Why the church is dying.”

At the end he chuckled…

“The church isn’t dying son. And God isn’t cowering in fear in the southwest corner of heaven with His hands over his eyes hoping that your generation, or the generation after you saves it. Preach the gospel, Pray for souls saved. The church will be just fine.”

Yesterday I read an article called “Why the Church is Dying | Chancey Herbolsheimer on the Church and why it’s withering before our eyes“.

The title is a lot more shocking than the article.  I actually agree with most of the article. But the church isn’t dying.  In my travels aroundf the country I’m actually seeing a generation rising that is more in love with the actions of Jesus than I ever hoped to be at their age.

Versions of church have and will consistently change.

I can only assume that the version of church that my tween daughter will be leading won’t look like the church I’m leading.  I like to call her generation “The Unimpressed.”

They won’t be singing cover songs in church.

Heck.  They may not even sing.


But that doesn’t mean the church is dying. Or Christianity is dying.

The God that makes the earth spin and float has sent His Spirit to lead us. Last week I heard a talk given by Ed Stetzer saying that the average church attendance today is the same as it was in the 60’s.

So maybe I’ve matured.  Or maybe I’ve just gotten old.

Either way, I think the church is gonna be just fine if we do 2 things.

Preach the gospel and pray for souls saved.

Let’s take the BS out of Bible Study and simply allow the Holy Spirit to uncomplicate our faith.

It’s better that way.