This blog. These pages. This history. OMG. How things have changed right?

A week ago I was cleaning out an old laptop and came across this image.


It’s from the cover of a magazine called COLLIDE where, as you see on the cover, this blog was chosen as BLOG OF THE YEAR. Remember those days amigos?

The days where the only place you could have a conversation on the internet was in the comments section of a blog?

The days where there was no Facebook and twitter was weird.

This space was where it all happened.

I would post twice a day and sometimes I would post those “Caption Please” pictures and you guys would ACTUALLY CAPTION THEM IN THE COMMENTS.

And then social media took over.

All of my deep posts I now use Instagram for.

All of my “caption this” I now use Facebook for.

All of the conversation I now use Twitter for.

This place, this “RagamuffinSoul” hiding under the guise of, this place has been abandoned for easier, faster, more immediate ways.

But when I saw the image of that magazine cover…

Something happened inside of my heart. I began missing this space. So I came back to peruse and OMG.

The memories came flooding back. The REASON I began writing in the first place was because of this space. I’ve written some REALLY heavy stuff over here. And also, halfway through typing this I realized something else.

There is something magical that happens when you type with all your fingers on a full keyboard that simply does not happen when you use your thumbs on a screen. I can’t really explain it. It’s almost as if there is a rhythm to typing on a keyboard that brings out words and emotions that will never come out just using your thumbs for an instagram post.

It’s almost like therapy.

There is a┬áchiropractic practice sweeping the south east called The Joint. You basically prepay and get a card with x number of adjustments. You walk in, get cracked, and walk out. All within 5 minutes. It’s crazy.


I’m no chiropractor, but I can only imagine having a real relationship with a chiropractic DOCTOR who knows your body will be MUCH HEALTHIER than just getting a crack cause it feels good for a minute.

This is what has happened with social media and myself.

Quick hits. Quick cracks. Quick affirmation.

But OM MY GOD typing all of this out on my keyboard in this quiet corner of the internet feels so much better than typing it on some social media app.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Who knows. But yesterday when I showed up here to poke around, and when I decided to see if anyone was listening that wasn’t looking at their twitter or facebook or instagram

When I did that I didn’t think anybody was still here.

But there you are. I dug around and found that 4500 people still subscribe to this blog.

So all that being said.

I have some things that I need to say that I can’t say with my thumbs.

So stay tuned.

I’m almost done cleaning the cobwebs around this little cabin.

I’m about to roll out the welcome mat.

Love you guys…