What. A. Summer!

This summer I traveled all across the country and stood in front of over 100,000 people declaring the message of hope I have written in Kill The Spider and I’m EXHAUSTED!
So since I’m toast, I’m not going anywhere for a month.
You can find me in one of 2 places over the next few weeks.
1. Sitting on my sofa watching reruns of Little House On The Prairie/Bob Ross.
2. Waist deep in a river with my flyrod.
Because IT’S OK TO REST!
Sometimes I have to yell that at myself.
So since I’m not gonna be traveling in my normal crazy waysI’ve decided to do something literally hundreds of you have been asking me to do…
Drumroll please…

I’m doing a #KillTheSpider September Book Study!
It’s easy. It’s gonna be 4 weeks.
There’s gonna be a live teaching every week.
There’s gonna be a Facebook Group.
There’s gonna be live Q&A.
And Spiders Are Gonna DIE.

I like to explain it this way.
If the book was basic training…
This is gonna take us to a more specialized space.
Just a little bit deeper.
We will spend the 4 weeks doing this.
Week 1 – Identify The Spider
Week 2 – Locate The Spider
Week 3 – Corner The Spider
Week 4 – Kill The Spider

Alcohol? Control? Pornography? Body Image? Food Issues? Codependency? Anxiety? Depression?
We are gonna touch them all in this free 4 week study.

It’s so easy to join.
Just click here and I’ll see you next Monday!!!
[If you haven’t gotten the book yet you can pick it up here and have it in your mailbox by Monday!]

So there you have it!
Over 1000 people have already signed up. It’s gonna be JUST WHAT YOU NEED to start the school year off right and kick your life into FULLY ALIVE mode come fall.
Watch This Video to hear me explain in detail what we are doing or click RIGHT HERE to join!!!
See you Monday…