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This last year has been INCREDIBLE.

From speaking at some of the largest companies in the country to some incredible boutique business conferences. From rooms with 80 leaders to the main stage in front of 10k at some of the largest conferences in the country. And over 45 churches.

I've become addicted to standing on stages and slinging hope all over the world.

One of the hardest things to do is look at yourself honestly. And to do so without self-criticism, but with the passionate desire to improve your lives for the sake of others is even harder. Carlos Whittaker is a fitting guide for the journey. He will take you to the hard place and turn the light on.

Donald Miller

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Ignite Leadership Summit
Tupelo, MS
January 15, 2020
No Regrets Men's Conference
Brookfield, WI
January 31, 2020

Another incredible update is I have been signed exclusively to Premier Speakers Bureau.

They have opened the door to incredible opportunities for me and have been a great partner in this season.  I would LOVE to come and inspire the group of people you have been charged with pressing forward in life.

I obviously love to teach on my books Kill The Spider & Moment Maker but have been filling in for some pastor friends of mine in the middle of their series as well. So the topic is up to you and I promise I will crush it.

I love inspiring rooms of 12k as much as I love inspiring rooms of 120.
Talk to me friends.
Let’s do this…

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